Color Theory Logo Design

Type: Investigation

Theme: Art

Grades: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12

Learning Target: Students will design a logo (using 3 RGB colors) describing the colors and structure mathematically.


This project will be completed individually.

Step 1: Watch these videos and take some notes.

  1. Color Science:
  2. Spectrum of Light:
  3. RGB Color Model:
    1. For each video write down one interesting thing you learned.
    2. Take note of one thing you want to know more about.

Step 2: Select one prompt from the three options below:

Prompt 1: Hi, I'm Lisandra, business manager of Indigenous Northwest. We help Northwest tribal communities market eco-indigenous tours. Our clients take visitors to historical fishing areas, clamming beds, and hunting areas. Visitors learn how to weave using redcedar, collect native foods, fish, and hunt using traditional methods. We're looking for someone that can make a good logo for our business. I would like a 3-color design logo. Can you help us promote our company?

Prompt 2: Hello, My name is Ivar, I just founded a new business called Salmon Recon. We help local and state fishery managers collect data on salmon migration in the Northwest. We install and maintain fish weirs in area rivers. I would like a 3-color design logo. Can you help me out?

Prompt 3: Hi! I'm Luciana. My family is about to open Luciana's Restaurante. We specialize in Latin American cuisine. Can you design a logo for us? We would like a 3-color design. Do you have time to help us?

Step 3: Sketch three options.

  1. Use colored pencils or digital ink to sketch three logo options. 
  2. Select three colors for your design. Colors should be in one of the following design formats:
    1. analogous
    2. complementary
    3. triadic
  3. Obtain a Peer Review before producing final art.
  4. Revise one of the sketches.

Step 4: Design your logo.

  1. Design your logo using Desmos (Example:
  2. Define your colors in 3x8-bit (0-255) RGB color and hexadecimal code. Be sure to demonstrate mathematically the conversion between RGB and the conversion. 
  3. Save your Desmos design. Screenshot/snip your logo as large as possible on white background without grid, axes, and numbers.

Submission (Word Document only):

  1. Your name
  2. Color Theory video notes
    1. For each video, write down one interesting thing you learned.
    2. Include one thing you want to know more about color.
  3. Paste design prompt
  4. Three sketches
  5. Peer Review
  6. Revised sketch
  7. List three colors with 8-bit RGB color and hexadecimal definitions
  8. Why did you choose complementary, analogous, or triadic colors?
  9. Desmos link to final artwork (turn axes, grid, and numbers off)
  10. Large snip of the final logo


Exit Ticket
CCSS Math Practice
  • I can reason abstractly and quantitatively.
  • I can attend to precision.
NGSS Crosscutting Concepts
  • Patterns


Renton Prep students designed logos and RGB color swatches using pure mathematics.